7 Yoga Postures to Relieve Body Pain

Past pain makes you more sensitive to future pain. With Chronic Pain, the mind & body have learned how to detect the slightest hint of threat & mount up for a full protective response. Present pain & associated suffering have their roots in past illnesses, trauma, stress, and injuries. Unfortunately, with chronic pain, getting betterContinue reading “7 Yoga Postures to Relieve Body Pain”

6 Pranayama Practices that IMPROVE Your Life

Through Pranayama Practices (Breath Work) you can reduce ALL of your mental noise-the agitation, distractions, & self-doubt-that prevents you from connecting to your TRUE SELF. Pranayama or Breath Regulation is an essential component of Yoga. The forth of the eight limbs of Yoga outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Pranayama means “to extend the vital lifeContinue reading “6 Pranayama Practices that IMPROVE Your Life”

September & October 2020 SUP Yoga Full Moon Schedule

Free State of Mind SUP Yoga Season ENDS October 1, 2020 FULL MOON SUP Yoga Class featuring Jeremy on the Djembe.

Yoga at Sandra J. Shaw featuring Jeremy on the Djembe // Parks in LFK Series

Krystal & Jeremy Denham host Yoga in the Parks of LFK. We cut the ceremonial ribbon and were welcomed to LFK by The Chamber of Commerce & The City! Join us for an all-levels yoga practice taught by Krystal while Jeremy creates a ruckus.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Sandra J. Shaw

HEY LFK, WE HAVE ARRIVED! We opened a yoga business in LFK, we cut a ribbon and we celebrated. We are so thankful to the many people who have been rooting us on, and keeping us motivated to push forward, without fear, during the pandemic. This day has finally come! A special thanks to KUContinue reading “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Sandra J. Shaw”

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