“SUP Yoga is GREAT for Yoga Beginners.” // A SUP Yoga First-Timer Review

A common misconception is SUP Yoga is NOT for Yoga Beginners! Katelyn, a SUP Yoga first-timer tells her fears when coming to Free State of Mind SUP Yoga class and how she overcame them. #freestateofmindsupyoga #boardwithyoga #lfk_yogi #kansassupyoga #kansasyoga #riselawrence #lfk #lawrencekansas

“Sup Yoga Lifted My Spirits!” // A SUP Yoga Newbie Review

Cara, a first-time student to Free State of Mind SUP Yoga voices the struggles she had before attending SUP Yoga and what she walked away with after class.

The Chamber of Lawrence #RiseLawrence Feature

How COVID-19 IMPACTED the Opening of Free State of Mind SUP Yoga & What We Do to KEEP LFK SAFE. The Chamber of Lawrence // Director of Communications, Lindsey Slater & Free State of Mind SUP Yoga // Studio Owner, Krystal Denham discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the opening Free State of Mind SUPContinue reading “The Chamber of Lawrence #RiseLawrence Feature”

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