Yoga for Confidence

The acknowledgment of your true self, you’re uniqueness, & creativity & learning to harness your powers leads to confidence. You can effective get in tune with your mind-body-spirit connection with Yoga In a time where “filters” have become the norm & anything less than perfection seems to be frown upon, where one tiny flaw canContinue reading “Yoga for Confidence”

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for beginning or revisiting yogis embarks on a baby steps journey into asana & foundational yoga postures. This 45 Minutes Yoga for Beginners has foundational yoga postures offering the greatest benefits with the lowest risk. Anybody can lubricate joints, improve balance & posture, stimulate digestion, calm the nervous system & free your mind atContinue reading “Yoga for Beginners”

Tennis Ball “Body Knot” Release & Stretch

A Tennis Ball Self-Massage releases “body knots”, increases the range of motion, & stretches to re-educate the muscles to rest at longer lengths. Are you searching for ways to self-soothe aches and pains, gain range of motion in your joints, enhance performance in your sports activities???? Look no further than a tennis ball! The bodyContinue reading “Tennis Ball “Body Knot” Release & Stretch”

Yoga for Cyclist

This 30-Minute yoga practice counteracts the imbalanced ‘cyclist posture,’ strengthening and stretching the shoulders, core, hips & legs. The repetitive movements of a cyclist create physical imbalances in the body. Because of the cyclist’s posture, while riding, cyclists often have excess tension in the shoulders, back & hips. Find relief in 30-Minute with a yogaContinue reading “Yoga for Cyclist”

Yoga for Runners

Simple yoga practice will improving performance & prevent injuries, all while obtaining a Free State of Mind. Yoga is the perfect activity for Runner’s recovery! Simple practice will loosen tight spots, strengthens weak areas, improve flexibility, increase range of motion, & muscular strength, improving performance & preventing injuries, all while obtaining a Free State ofContinue reading “Yoga for Runners”

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