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Free State of Mind SUP Yoga was created from my long-time passion for yoga & practicing outside. While teaching yoga in college, I dreamt of living near the ocean and continuing to teach on the beach. Although landlocked in KS, I didn’t allow my dream to fade. I spent my childhood frequenting the local Kansas waterways, tubing & skiing. My family spent the summers camping at the lake & boating the day long, it was my fondest childhood memory. My discovery of SUP Yoga in Maui ignited my fire for my yoga self-discovery journey that led me to the life of a creator. At the time of that vacation, I wasn’t a certified instructor, I practiced once a week & wasn’t in the place to add in 200 hours of yoga teacher training. After my divorce, I began to revisit my dreams & enrolled in my 200 hours, and completed the training, enrolling in SUP Yoga training thereafter. I began the business as the pandemic began, & as a way to bring yoga back to my community, offering a safe place to practice. SUP Yoga offered our community a social distant & new water sport to try- SUP & SUP Yoga. I didn’t let go of my dream to teach yoga near the water. I adjusted my dream to fit my life’s circumstances & in doing so I created much more than I could imagine possible! I am elated to be teaching yoga as my profession & SUP Yoga has been my favorite way of finding humility within yoga, adding laughter without hesitation in the practice- such as life!  We as the Board with Yoga® community DREAM BIG. 

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22% OFF Gift Cards & SUP Yoga Packages

Now Offering Holiday Gift Cards 22% OFF Happy Holidays Yogis, as we approach the final days of 2021, I invite you to reflect on the last twelve months. For me, it was a year dedicated to a gratitude practice. In return, I received a true understanding that happiness is my birthright. This was my 2nd…

Live Percussion Yoga at Historic Oak Hill Cemetery

Happy Halloween 2021 from The Boggs-Denham Crew Built in 1866, the Oak Hill Cemetery was constructed as a way for the people of Lawrence to remember those who were killed in Quantrill’s Raid.  Celebrate with a peaceful Live Percussion yoga class as we honor the energies of those within Historic Cemetery.  Stay after for a…

Yoga for Confidence

The acknowledgment of your true self, you’re uniqueness, & creativity & learning to harness your powers leads to confidence. You can effective get in tune with your mind-body-spirit connection with Yoga In a time where “filters” have become the norm & anything less than perfection seems to be frown upon, where one tiny flaw can…

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for beginning or revisiting yogis embarks on a baby steps journey into asana & foundational yoga postures. This 45 Minutes Yoga for Beginners has foundational yoga postures offering the greatest benefits with the lowest risk. Anybody can lubricate joints, improve balance & posture, stimulate digestion, calm the nervous system & free your mind at…

Tennis Ball “Body Knot” Release & Stretch

A Tennis Ball Self-Massage releases “body knots”, increases the range of motion, & stretches to re-educate the muscles to rest at longer lengths. Are you searching for ways to self-soothe aches and pains, gain range of motion in your joints, enhance performance in your sports activities???? Look no further than a tennis ball! The body…


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