22% OFF Gift Cards & SUP Yoga Packages

Now Offering Holiday Gift Cards 22% OFF Happy Holidays Yogis, as we approach the final days of 2021, I invite you to reflect on the last twelve months. For me, it was a year dedicated to a gratitude practice. In return, I received a true understanding that happiness is my birthright. This was my 2ndContinue reading “22% OFF Gift Cards & SUP Yoga Packages”

Bring SUP Yoga to Sandra J. Shaw Community Health Park

YOGA PETITION: Allowing us to provide services to this lake will help us facilitate keeping business and economic impact within the city limits. SIGN to Bring SUP Yoga to Sandra J. Shaw Community Health Park. Sandra J. Shaw is a local pioneer. Earning her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from KU in 1970, when few womenContinue reading “Bring SUP Yoga to Sandra J. Shaw Community Health Park”

September & October 2020 SUP Yoga Full Moon Schedule

Free State of Mind SUP Yoga Season ENDS October 1, 2020 FULL MOON SUP Yoga Class featuring Jeremy on the Djembe.

Yoga at Sandra J. Shaw featuring Jeremy on the Djembe // Parks in LFK Series

Krystal & Jeremy Denham host Yoga in the Parks of LFK. We cut the ceremonial ribbon and were welcomed to LFK by The Chamber of Commerce & The City! Join us for an all-levels yoga practice taught by Krystal while Jeremy creates a ruckus.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Sandra J. Shaw

HEY LFK, WE HAVE ARRIVED! We opened a yoga business in LFK, we cut a ribbon and we celebrated. We are so thankful to the many people who have been rooting us on, and keeping us motivated to push forward, without fear, during the pandemic. This day has finally come! A special thanks to KUContinue reading “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Sandra J. Shaw”