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Online Yoga, Meditation, & Tapping Courses. To Release Stress and Tension from the Mind & Body, Live & On-Demand with the Board with Yoga® Instructors.

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Krystal Denham

I am a life-long yogi, & a practitioner of many styles of yoga. I know that pranayama (breath work) and asana (movement) release the body of stress & tension, leaving one yoga, meditation, or tapping practice feeling connected with self, surroundings and, free of mind.

I hold E-RYT 200 Certification, SUP Yoga Certification & am a Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance. I created the Board with Yoga® SUP Yoga Teacher Training and Board with Yoga® Kid’s Summer Camps.

Bachelors of Arts | UMKC


Ready to Understand Yoga, Meditation, & Tapping (EFT) like never before?

Are you looking for self-regulating tools to decrease anxiety, release stress and tension from the body and learn how to connect with self with a REAL LIFE Certified Yoga Instructor?

Do you lack the time to go to a yoga studio?

Are you wondering if you are doing YouTube Yoga postures correctly?

Do you shy away from yoga and mediation out of fear of not “looking” like the instructor?

Does the lack of connection make yoga hard to understand?

Do you want to attain the Free State of Mind; to feel calm, happy, present, connected to self. Present for your life, for your family. Confident and knowledgeable of the body’s inner and outer workings?

I totally understand. I’ve got you!

Nearly two decades ago I walked into my first yoga studio. I made the choice to show up and try something to help my anxiety. Brand new to anything yoga and meditation, I was really uncomfortable being in the class. I didn’t feel seen, by the yoga teacher and left the class feeling confused about if I did anything right.

I went home and bought a The Idiots Guide to Yoga book and some DVDs and practiced yoga at home until I found the right teacher.

I desired a yoga teacher to show me self-regulating tools that I can use at home practice or while in stressful moments. I wanted a teacher to tell me how and WHY we do certain postures and not get too lost in yoga terminology

I desired a yoga teacher that I could connect with to help me understand the inner and outer workings of my body. I wanted to feel confident in my yoga and meditation practice.

Does this sound like you?

Your Yoga Membership includes:

  • An in-depth, personalized consultation to set goals and establish a plan via Zoom where we laser focus on your biggest struggles.
  • 17 One Hour Live Yoga Classes a Month
  • 4 Guided Meditation or Tapping Practices
  • 22% OFF SUP & Land Yoga
  • Exclusive Offers
On Demand & Unlimited Access to All Classes

Investment : $55 / Month

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Special Offer!

Enroll by 11:59 PM CST Oct 20, 2021, & get these ADDITIONAL OFFERS!

One Week Membership FREE $12.80 Value

One Week of Yoga Classes FREE $12.80 Value

One Pre-Loaded Yoga Basics FREE $8.88 Value

Pre-Loaded Learn to do the Splits All-Levels Yoga Class FREE $8.88 Value

2 SUP Yoga Class Passes* $70-100 Value

*Expires Oct 2022

$144 Value



Your chance to vote for the Live Yoga Class Times and Styles of Yoga. Voting Oct 22-24, 2021

Krystal was quick to communicate with me when I had questions. When I met Krystal for the first time in person, it felt like I was meeting an old friend. She’s so easy to talk to!

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