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7:30 PM Illuminated Moonrise SUP Yoga


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7 Yoga Postures to UNDO the Damage of your Desk Job.

Reverse the body damage from your desk job with yoga. Yoking your free mind, breath & body will reduce tension in your body, increasing your energy, making your stress manageable, enhance clarity, creativity & focus, improve communication skills, increase your workplace effectiveness, improve your posture, improving your physical health & mental well-being.

How-To: Start) In Downward Dog 1) Lift the foot, driving your heel to the sky 2) Hug your knee into your chest while shifting forward to plank. 3) Place knee next to wrist, ankle to the other wrist, & your shin parallel to the top of mat. 4) Tuck toes of the leg that is long, press into the heel-elongating your leg. 5) Take your Drishti (Gaze) to the sky & fold forward. 6) Hold 3-10 Breathes

How-To: Start) From Table Top 1) Place your hands one full hand position in front of their location. 2) With bent knees, press into your hands & lift your tailbone up & back. 3) Begin to straighten legs 4) Take your Drishti (Gaze) to your navel. 6) Hold up to 10 Minutes

How-To: Start) From Table Top 1) Sit your tailbone towards your heels & place your forehead to the mat. 2) Bring your knees together 3) reach your arms back behind you, palms face up 4) Turn inward. 5) Hold up to 5 minutes.

How-To: Start) From Table Top: COW– Inhaling, take your Drishti (Gaze) & tailbone towards the sky, arch your back. CAT– Exhaling, Tuck your chin, & tailbone while rounding your back. One breathe, one movement.

How-To: Start) From Belly 1) Bring hands to mat underneath shoulders. 2) Inhaling, Press into your hand, while peeling chest off the floor. 3) reach your arms back behind you, palms face up. 4) Crown of the head towards the sky. 5) Hold 3-10 Breathes. 6) To release, exhale to belly.

How-To: Start) Seated 1) Interlace hand behind back and bring them to your hip. 2) Exhaling, Release that same side ear towards the same side shoulder 3) Hold 3-10 Breathes. 4) To release, inhale to come upright.

Workplace Yoga NOW in LFK honoring Yoga for Desk Workers Week

Workplace Yoga is being embraced by many progressive businesses around the world including like Apple, Google, & Forbes.

Workplace Yoga Classes at work are a low-cost & innovative solution for companies wanting to reduce health care expenses, relieve workplace stress and promote employee well-being.

Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

For The Company

Corporations realized $3 – $6 in savings for every $1 invested in yoga & wellness programs for employees. More than 25% average reduction in health-care costs, thereby improving their bottom line. (American Journal of Health Promotion).

NHS employees attending yoga classes for 8 weeks missed only 2 days a year due musculoskeletal disorders& back pain. Those not practicing yoga missed 36 days for the same medical conditions. (Research at Bangor University)

For The Employee 

Relieves head, neck & back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure  & work-related injuries from repetitive motion  & sedentary job environments.

Improves alertness, productivity  & the ability to react more calmly in demanding situations.

Reduces stress, anxiety & depression Improves concentration, decision-making skills  & ability to multi-task.

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“We tell HR”-When Registering, clarify if you are the owner or employee. We will alert your employer that their staff has shown interest in Workplace Yoga!

On-Site Workplace Yoga

$75-$150 per class based on frequency

Yoga for Beginners

A sound foundation must be set to attain true love, bliss, & ultimate enlightenment or the energy you gain from the physical practice will not be used wisely.

The word yoga, means to yoke or bind, & is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline. Patañjali is believed to have collated the practice of yoga into the Yoga Sūtras over 2,000 years ago. The Sutra is a collection of 195 statements that serves as a philosophical guidebook for most of the yoga that is practiced today. It also outlines Eight Limbs of Yoga. As we explore these Eight Limbs, we begin by refining our behavior in the outer world, and then we focus inwardly until we reach The Free State of Mind!  The Yamas & Niyamas are the first two of the 8 Limbs in the Sūtras, they are the practical ways to live life so we can access inner peace, bliss & true love. When Patañjali wrote the Yoga Sūtras, Asana (Postures) was NOT taught until you lived the Yamas & Niyamas. A sound foundation must be set to attain true love, bliss, & ultimate enlightenment or the energy you gain from the physical practice will not be used wisely.

The attached videos include a “Yoga for Beginners’ Practice & Discussion on The Yamas & Niyamas

Yoga is DANGEROUS to those not practicing Yamas & Niyamas. When Patañjali wrote the Yoga Sūtras, Asana (Postures) was NOT taught until you lived the Yamas & Niyamas. A sound foundation must be set to attain true love, bliss, & ultimate enlightenment or the energy you gain from the physical practice will not be used wisely. So what are the Yama’s & Niyamas? The Yogic Philosophy or How To Live. This video touches on the 5 Yamas & Niyamas.
Beginning-Level Yoga is the first stage in a practice. Irrespective of age and/or condition, here the practice is about creating an initial awakening of awareness and energy through the body & mind. Why do we do this? For Peace of the body and mind. This 45-Minute Sequence is crafted for the beginner yogi. Link each breath to the movement to find enlightenment. Doing so, will rid your body of toxins & relax the nervous system. THE ULTIMATE PEACE!

Yoga for Sexual Health

AFFIRM: “I own my sexuality!”

Yoga & Sex may not seem like the most obvious partners to some, but many have discovered that there’s a strong connection in more ways than one. Flexibility, boosting Self-Esteem, Calming the Mind, & Igniting the Sacral Chakra, are common within both practices. Particular Yoga Postures aid in bettering your sex life & libido. Our sexuality is what inspires us to create, smile & communicate.

For sexual arousal to occur our body needs fresh oxygen & increased circulation. Through the practice of yoga, improved circulation heals & strengthens organ tissues. When we focus on the pelvic area, specifically the pelvic floor muscles, it activates the connection to our sexual well-being.

Mula Bandha, or root lock, is used to generate ultimate pelvic floor strength (think kegels in everyday life). Toning these muscles intensifies your orgasms & gives you a newfound strength where you can literally grip your man for an out-of-the-world intimate experience too! On the physical level, practicing Mula Bandha create attentiveness in the supportive muscles of the pelvis, which increases stability in the pelvis, and creates a safe environment for spinal movement, strengthens your pelvic floor, relieves hemorrhoids, calms the autonomic nervous system, & creates The Free State of Mind!

How-To Engage Your Mula Bandha: As you inhale gently uplift your pelvic floor muscles by imagining you are trying to stop the flow of urine & a bowel movement at the same time. While doing so, draw your tailbone downward. On an exhale slowly release. Do this at least 30 times a day to Enjoy Sex EVEN MORE!

In this video I lead a 45-Minute yoga session with a focus on increasing sexual vitality.
In this video I explain the link between yoga & our sexual health, suggest 5 yoga postures, & classify the types of yoga postures for a more satisfying sex life. Teach “How to engage your Mula Bandha,” & touch on The Sacral Chakra.

Yoga for Better Balance

SUP Yoga is ideal for achieving Better Balance with FAST results.

When you fall, whether it’s falling out of a yoga pose or in daily life, quick reaction time is your key to preventing injury. You want your body to have the capacity for speed, responding fast enough to catch yourself. Learning better balance is like learning anything—we have to be in the process long enough to benefit. It’s when we stay somewhere slightly unstable that our muscles and our nervous system learn to compensate, creating inner equilibrium that enables us to handle more challenge next time. Any time we test our balance in a new or different way, we learn; it doesn’t matter whether we are able to balance on tiptoes or on our hands—it’s about the lessons learned along the way. SUP Yoga is ideal for achieving Better Balance with FAST results. As well as strengthening us physically & mentally, working on a unstable base can be a helpful reminder that in life, as in yoga, conditions aren’t always ideal. Doing yoga on the water brings an unsteady surface dimension to an otherwise earth-bound practice. Flowing through asana (movement) on a SUP yoga board ignites core muscles, strengthens & stabilizes all muscle groups; achieving better balance.

This 45-Minute sequence was crafted to challenge your balance on the mat
This 20-Minute video contains 4 uniquely sequences yoga transitions to test & challenge your balance.
This upcoming week I will be dissecting “Yoga for Sexual Health.” Request a weekly Yoga Topic by emailing Krystal at freestateofmindsupyoga@gmail.com


Krystal // LFK Yogi
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