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Certified Board with Yoga® Instructors Katie and Bailey working on safety and rescue.
Private SUP Yoga Birthday Party
Week 2 of Board with Yoga® SUP Yoga Kid’s Camp
Lone Star Lake Clean-Up September 2021
Community Appreciation Party

Happy Holidays Yogis, as we approach the final days of 2021, I invite you to reflect on the last twelve months. For me, it was a year dedicated to a gratitude practice. In return, I received a true understanding that happiness is my birthright.

This was my 2nd Board with Yoga® Season and this year I EXPANDED our Yoga offerings. Prior to season-opening, I received the Board with Yoga® trademark and Kansas Women’s Owned Enterprise Certification.

We launched Board with Yoga® SUP Yoga Teacher Training in June 2021 and certified two SUP Yoga Instructors. For 2022 our training will be available in-person and online. Both formats are recognized by Yoga Alliance as a worldwide yoga certification.

We hosted 4 weeks of our 3-day Board with Yoga® Kid’s SUP Yoga Camp at Lone Star Lake. Campers learned Yoga and SUP techniques, cleaned from the beach to the launching dock with Trash Bingo, lounged at the beach and enjoyed the lake. We custom tie-dyed our Board with Yoga® Camp Shirts and as an ode to the eagles, the great blue heron’s, the hawks, and all of the birds that decorated the skies of our ‘studio,’ we painted birdhouses to hang in the tress at home. In 2022, we are adding to our camp by offering Board with Yoga® Kids’ & Teens’ SUP Yoga Camp.

To show gratitude & respect for the life-sustaining beauty that Lone Star Lake provides us, this year for International SUP Yoga Day we co-hosted a Lake Clean-Up and hosted a Community Appreciation Party.

I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to all who made this possible for our business. Your energy and good cheer are what make our yoga special; without you, it just would not be the same. 

Now Offering!

For the Holiday Season, we are offering 22% OFF SUP Yoga Packages and Gift Cards. Use Code: HH22 at check out to purchase your own pass or follow one of the gift card links below to purchase a package for another.

2 Class SUP Yoga Pass

Gift Card or Pass $50.70

4 Class SUP Yoga Pass

Gift Card or Pass $93.60

6 Class SUP Yoga Pass

Gift Card or Pass $126.36

12 Class SUP Yoga Pass

Gift Card or Pass $234

Unlimited SUP Yoga in 2022

Gift Card or Pass $487.50

Unlimited BYOB SUP Yoga in 2022

Gift Card or Pass $390

If you are purchasing a gift card for another, you will receive an email requesting your recipients’ information and preferred date of delivery. Offer valid through 12/31/21.

The last bit, our 2022 schedule including, Live Percussion Full Moon Opening Night in May, All Live Percussion Moon Phase Classes, Kid’s and Teen’s Camp Dates, and Public Classes will be available for bookings beginning in January.


Krystal Denham
Krystal Denham

Our mission is to guide those who want to take their yoga & meditation practice to the water, connect with nature, & attain ‘The Free State of Mind.’

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