Tennis Ball “Body Knot” Release & Stretch

Person lying on the ground, with upper back on 2 tennis balls

A Tennis Ball Self-Massage releases “body knots”, increases the range of motion, & stretches to re-educate the muscles to rest at longer lengths.

Are you searching for ways to self-soothe aches and pains, gain range of motion in your joints, enhance performance in your sports activities???? Look no further than a tennis ball! The body is made up of multiple layers of connective tissue called, fascia. Fascia weaves and winds its way around every part of your body’s parts, connecting and separating you from head to toe. Self Myofascial Release Technique using tennis balls improves the slide and glide between the fascial layers which translates into ease of movement, the release of tension, and reduction of discomfort.

Release excessive tension in 45 Minutes of Self-Massage & Stretch. The combination of movements re-educates the unknotted muscles to rest at longer lengths.

Props: 1 or 2 Tennis Balls & Strap (towel, necktie, cloth belt).
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