Yoga for Cyclist

This 30-Minute yoga practice counteracts the imbalanced ‘cyclist posture,’ strengthening and stretching the shoulders, core, hips & legs.

The repetitive movements of a cyclist create physical imbalances in the body. Because of the cyclist’s posture, while riding, cyclists often have excess tension in the shoulders, back & hips.

Find relief in 30-Minute with a yoga practice that counteracts the imbalanced ‘cyclist posture.’ Today’s focus for the class is on strengthening and stretching the shoulders, core, hips, & legs, simultaneously. Staying consistent with a yoga practice will teach you to control your breathe, which helps control your heart rate. Ultimately, accessing wayyyyyy more power on your bike!

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Krystal Denham
Krystal Denham

I am a life-long yogi, & a practitioner of many styles of yoga. I believe integrating pranayama (breath work) and asana (movement) release the body, leaving one practice feeling connected with self, surroundings and, free-of-mind.

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