Yoga for Tech Neck

“Tech neck,” is the stressing of muscles while using phones, tablets, and computers, resulting in neck & shoulder pain, stiffness, & soreness.

Research shows that up to an astounding 60 lbs of pressure rest on the upper cervical spine with every text, IG post or email to the boss & the average length of time people spend looking down is 5 hours a day! That can lead to some serious aches and pains.

Yoga for Tech Neck focuses on releasing pain, stiffness, & tension from the neck & shoulders while creating space heart center, bringing equanimity to the body from the ‘rounded shoulder posture’ caused by DOWN too long each day.

Props: 2 blocks, a strap & yoga mat. PURCHASE HERE

Krystal Denham
Krystal Denham

Studio Owner & Lead Instructor of Free State of Mind SUP Yoga in Lawrence, Kansas.

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