Yoga for Tech Neck

Yoga for “Tech Neck,” calms stressed neck & shoulder pain, stiffness, & soreness from using phones, tablets, and computers all day!

Research shows that up to an astounding 60 lbs of pressure rest on the upper cervical spine with every text, IG post or email to the boss & the average length of time people spend looking down is 5 hours a day! That can lead to some serious aches and pains.

Yoga for Tech Neck focuses on releasing pain, stiffness, & tension from the neck & shoulders while creating space heart center, bringing equanimity to the body from the ‘rounded shoulder posture’ caused by DOWN too long each day.

Props: 2 blocks, a strap & yoga mat. PURCHASE HERE

Krystal Denham
Krystal Denham

Studio Owner & Lead Instructor of Free State of Mind SUP Yoga in Lawrence, Kansas.

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