Bring SUP Yoga on Sandra J. Shaw Community Health Park

Sandra J. Shaw is a local pioneer. Earning her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from KU in 1970, when few women did! In 1971 she became the Director of Child & Family Services at the Bert Nash Center and then the CEO and spent nearly half a century building healthy spaces for the children and families of Douglas County. In her work had she many accomplishment. Expanding Bert Nash Employees from 9-200. She brought critical behavioral health services to the Lawrence schools, & in 1999 she brought to fruition the dream of a community health facility. SJS believed that mental health is FUNDAMENTAL to health.

Her development of the Alfred and Lena Cote Memorial Fund for Healthy Children & Families, funded most of the purchase of this land for a community health park. In 2013 the Lawrence City Commission accepted a donation of the 8-acre land from Bert Nash. Later the park was named after Sandra J. Shaw.

Sandra J. Shaw Community Health Park is a nature park, a hardwood forest with trees of all ages and species. The park includes a 3 1/2 acre lake, a paved trail named for The Outside for a Better Inside, it continues through Riverfront Park (Burcham) to Constant Park. The trail continues in Watson Park, where the Train sit. The amenities of Sandra J. Shaw include the lake, fishing dock, stocked fishing lake, the Outside for a Better Inside Trail, expansive green spaces with trees perfect for a picnic (a family favorite of ours), a shelter and a lookout over the lake.

Free State of Mind SUP Yoga, with a community of people (already) want to bring Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga to Sandra J. Shaw Community Health Park. Free State of Mind SUP Yoga offers a unique and safe socially distant activity for our community. We have requested permission from The City of Lawrence Park & Recreation Department & other Community Leaders to bring SUP Yoga into the city proper. Allowing us to provide services to this lake will help us facilitate keeping business and economic impact within city limits, and ultimately, provide an avenue to keep The Free State Yoga Festival within city limits as well.


As, Always. Thank You.

click here for reference & to read more on Sandra J. Shaw

Krystal Denham
Krystal Denham

I am a life-long yogi, who practiced many styles of yoga. I love how integrating pranayama (breath work) and asana (movement) release the body, leaving one practice feeling connected with self, surroundings and, free-of-mind.

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