7 Yoga Postures to UNDO the Damage of your Desk Job.

Reverse the body damage from your desk job with yoga postures. Yoking your free mind, breath & body will reduce tension in your body, increasing your energy, making your stress manageable, enhance clarity, creativity & focus, improve communication skills, increase your workplace effectiveness, improve your posture, improving your physical health & mental well-being.

How-To: Start) In Downward Dog 1) Lift the foot, driving your heel to the sky 2) Hug your knee into your chest while shifting forward to plank. 3) Place knee next to wrist, ankle to the other wrist, & your shin parallel to the top of mat. 4) Tuck toes of the leg that is long, press into the heel-elongating your leg. 5) Take your Drishti (Gaze) to the sky & fold forward. 6) Hold 3-10 Breathes

How-To: Start) From Table Top 1) Place your hands one full hand position in front of their location. 2) With bent knees, press into your hands & lift your tailbone up & back. 3) Begin to straighten legs 4) Take your Drishti (Gaze) to your navel. 6) Hold up to 10 Minutes

How-To: Start) From Table Top 1) Sit your tailbone towards your heels & place your forehead to the mat. 2) Bring your knees together 3) reach your arms back behind you, palms face up 4) Turn inward. 5) Hold up to 5 minutes.

How-To: Start) From Table Top: COW– Inhaling, take your Drishti (Gaze) & tailbone towards the sky, arch your back. CAT– Exhaling, Tuck your chin, & tailbone while rounding your back. One breathe, one movement.

How-To: Start) From Belly 1) Bring hands to mat underneath shoulders. 2) Inhaling, Press into your hand, while peeling chest off the floor. 3) reach your arms back behind you, palms face up. 4) Crown of the head towards the sky. 5) Hold 3-10 Breathes. 6) To release, exhale to belly.

How-To: Start) Seated 1) Interlace hand behind back and bring them to your hip. 2) Exhaling, Release that same side ear towards the same side shoulder 3) Hold 3-10 Breathes. 4) To release, inhale to come upright.

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