Yoga for Sexual Health

AFFIRM: “I own my sexuality!”

Yoga & Sex may not seem like the most obvious partners to some, but many have discovered that there’s a strong connection in more ways than one. Flexibility, boosting Self-Esteem, Calming the Mind, & Igniting the Sacral Chakra, are common within both practices. Particular Yoga Postures aid in bettering your sex life & libido. Our sexuality is what inspires us to create, smile & communicate.

For sexual arousal to occur our body needs fresh oxygen & increased circulation. Through the practice of yoga, improved circulation heals & strengthens organ tissues. When we focus on the pelvic area, specifically the pelvic floor muscles, it activates the connection to our sexual well-being.

Mula Bandha, or root lock, is used to generate ultimate pelvic floor strength (think kegels in everyday life). Toning these muscles intensifies your orgasms & gives you a newfound strength where you can literally grip your man for an out-of-the-world intimate experience too! On the physical level, practicing Mula Bandha create attentiveness in the supportive muscles of the pelvis, which increases stability in the pelvis, and creates a safe environment for spinal movement, strengthens your pelvic floor, relieves hemorrhoids, calms the autonomic nervous system, & creates The Free State of Mind!

How-To Engage Your Mula Bandha: As you inhale gently uplift your pelvic floor muscles by imagining you are trying to stop the flow of urine & a bowel movement at the same time. While doing so, draw your tailbone downward. On an exhale slowly release. Do this at least 30 times a day to Enjoy Sex EVEN MORE!

In this video I lead a 45-Minute yoga session with a focus on increasing sexual vitality.
In this video I explain the link between yoga & our sexual health, suggest 5 yoga postures, & classify the types of yoga postures for a more satisfying sex life. Teach “How to engage your Mula Bandha,” & touch on The Sacral Chakra.

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