Yoga for Flexibility

“Flexibility is not a prerequisite for Yoga, its a result of Yoga.”

Flexibility is related to how your muscles move. It explains their current state, the muscles elastic properties & how they change over time. Flexibility is the measurement for the range of motion in your joints. If your body has limited range of motion, you’re at a greater risk for injuries and physical pain. Being FLEXIBLE & moving easily are important aspects to your overall physical health. Stress, age, lack of exercise & poor posture cause your muscles to become tense and tight, limiting your range of motion. A consistent yoga routine is highly effective way in easing tension in your body, building flexibility & bring you to a Free State of Mind.

This 45-Minute Sequence is Crafted for Increasing FULL Body Flexibility
This video contains 7 Beginner’s Yoga Postures to help increase your flexibility in 15 minutes a day!
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Krystal Denham // LFK Yogi

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