Yoga for Better Sleep

Yoga for Better Sleep // Crafting a Morning Routine & Pre-Bedtime Routine for Better Sleep

Sleep is essential to our physical & mental health. Despite its importance a large percentage of people report poor sleep habits. If you struggle to fall asleep, it’s natural to think the “problem” starts when you lie down. However, the lead-up to bedtime is the critical player in quality sleep. A Morning Routine of waking up at the same time each day, tidying your bedroom & exercising will simulate your brain for a more productive start, activating your internal body clock, and ultimately prepare your body for rest come night time. A tidy space allows the mind to settle at night, facilitating the onset of sleep with a better quality of sleep. Crafting a Pre-Bedtime Routine with Bed Yoga and increase the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, aiding in a restful night slumber.

This 30-Minute practice is sequenced to stimulate the body & mind upon awakening, relieving aches for sleep & starting your day fresh.
In this video I dissect Yoga for Better Sleep, & Sequence a nightly Pre-Bedtime Bed Yoga Routine.

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