Yoga for Female Reproductive Health

There is no need to have ANY guilt about being a sexually healthy female (GO GIRL SHINE ON), as it’s a crucial part of our health in general. Nature has instilled a reproductive, procreative instinct in all living beings to ensure survival. The procreative instinct operate within the human body at a physiological level through the reproductive organs. The fragility & sensitivities of the genitalia draw us towards each other in passion (AKA SEXY TIME) to fulfill the first step in procreation. Yoga for Reproductive Health (NOT JUST PREGNANCY) is a gentle form of yoga, with a focus of creating strength & flexibility in the pelvic region, simultaneously. Pelvic joints are mostly fused and thus inflexible. Flexibility in the pelvic joints aids in the flexibility & functioning of the reproductive organs located in the pelvic bowl.

Embrace your Goddess with this 30-Minute Beginner’s Yoga Class.

This video contains a discussion on the Mula Bandha, Kegels, & dissection of the postures from our Yoga for Reproductive Health practice, I answer how yoga benefits your SEXY TIME & guide you through a Yoga Flow focusing on Mula Bandha/Kegel engagement.

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