Strawberry FULL MOON // 06.05.2020

Full Moon | Sagittarius 

It’s Gemini season, so naturally there are MANY aspects to this Full Moon in Sagittarius. Coming to us in an eclipse; the 1st eclipse of 3 in 30 days – WOW! Alignments, retrogrades, squares & conjucts, a FULL Lean into attracting what you NEED! It can be wild, super intense and full of personal GROWTH, a brutal but beautiful struggle that feels impassable. Respond by letting your heart guide you forward into the FIRE and BURN those beliefs and values that no longer serve you. In doing so, you will see clearly and take the steps necessary in LIVING YOUR TRUTH!

Thank you ALL for attending our MOON PHASE offering and an EXTRA special THANK YOU to Emily Lynn Photography for capturing our night! The next MOON PHASE offering is June 21, 2020 which is an EVEN MORE RARE Lunar Eclipse NEW MOON! See you on the Water.

Krystal & Jeremy Denham

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