8 Tips for SUP Yoga First-Timers

SUP Yoga is rejuvenating, strengthening, promotes better balance and focus, all while attaining a Free State of Mind. Listed below are 8 Tips for SUP Yoga First-Timers visiting Free State of Mind SUP Yoga!

Stand-up paddleboarding and yoga have more in common than you may think. Both practices are rejuvenating, strengthening, promote better balance and focus, all while attaining a Free State of Mind. The combination of practices originated in Hawaii less than 10 years ago and has become an increasingly popular form of yoga; it is a fun way to enjoy the love of water and yoga. This is a BRAND-NEW style of yoga to the Lawrence, Kansas Area and if it’s your first time, here are 8 tips to get you started.

1)What to Wear | Avoid cotton. It’s best to wear clothing you don’t mind getting wet. Water-safe shoes are highly recommended for navigating the rocky shore and a hat and cheap sunglasses to shield the sun. The most common clothing choices are yoga gear, swimsuits, board shorts or a bikini-all are acceptable. We will be releasing “Board with Yoga” gear in the upcoming months.

2)DISCONNECT with your Phone| This important disconnect will assist in connecting with nature and the practice. Leave the picture taking up to your SUP Yoga Instructor, we are equipped with waterproof cameras to capture your experience. All session pictures will be uploaded to our Yoga Business blog within 24 hours of each session. 

3)Face the Fear of Falling | The fear of falling in the water gives you the kick of adrenaline for attaining control & focus in your practice. On the flip side, WHEN you feel yourself falling in push your feet and body away from the board to avoid colliding with your board. Climb back onto your board & laugh it off in peace, because we all fall in.

4)Apply Sunscreen | At least 15 minutes before class, liberally apply water-resistant sunscreen to all areas of skin that will be exposed. Nothing will ruin your experience like a sunburn.

5)Bring Water | It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the entire practice. Don’t forget to bring water. 

6)Find the Sweet Spot | This is the area over the handle, in the center of the board. It is the widest, most stable part of the board and is the place you stand while paddling and your center in each yoga posture. 

7)Slow Down & Modify | Allow time for a slower transition between poses. The unstable surface ignites the tiniest muscles in the body, honor your body and board for where they are and modify poses and move slow. 

8) Where You Look is Important | It’s instinctual to look at your board or feet when feeling unsteady in standing postures. To maintain your balance while transitioning between poses keep your gaze on the horizon. 

Our mission is to guide those who want to take their yoga & meditation practice to the water, connect with nature, and ultimately attain a “Free State of Mind. Without a doubt, knowing these tips in advance will improve your class experience and guide you in becoming an experienced SUP Yogi.

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I hope you enjoyed 8 Tips for SUP Yoga First-Timers. See YOU on the Water!


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