8 Reasons to Practice SUP Yoga

Doing yoga on the water brings an unsteady surface dimension to an otherwise earth-bound practice, building all-around better stamina! Listed below are 8 More Reasons to practice SUP Yoga!

1- Better Balance| Doing yoga on the water brings an unsteady surface dimension to an otherwise earth-bound practice. Flowing through asana (movement) on a SUP yoga board ignites core muscles, strengthens & stabilizes all muscle groups; achieving better balance. 

2-Burn More Calories| Engaging in physical activity while on an unsteady surface promotes “muscle confusion” which helps your body burn more calories.

3-Refine Mat Practice | Your board will guide you to your center in each pose, working the “confused muscles;” refining your mat practice. 

4-Better Focus| The fear of falling in the water gives you the kick of adrenaline for attaining control & focus in your practice. On the flip side, WHEN you fall in, you get back on your board & laugh it off in peace.

5- Nature-Guided Breath Work| Hearing the gentle sound of the water lapping on the side of the board brings you into full awareness of your surroundings, immolating the sound with ujjayi pranayama (ocean breath) is easier to attain. 

6- Laughing Yoga | My philosophy is that it is a bonus if you lose balance and fall overboard. SUP Yoga has been my favorite way of finding humility within yoga, adding laughter without hesitation in my practice. Falling is part of the experience and there is a freedom in fully embracing this, letting go of expectations, judgement & letting it be, as is! I find it a great metaphor for life too. We all experience a fall- physically, mentally or emotionally; we get back up, adapt, smile, & try again! 

7-It’s as Fun as it Looks | Every Sunrise and Moonrise brings an array of colors to the sky and the unpredictability of nature gives the studio a new look each time. You will leave your board feeling connected, rejuvenated, & with a Free State of Mind.

8-Social Distancing Approved | You can practice yoga with others safely!  SUP Yoga falls under the health and wellness category classified under the regulations of the pandemic. Our custom designed studio anchor systems will keep you away from the other practitioners, allowing freedom for flowing and distance to maintain your health.

See you the water!

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