Take your Yoga & Meditation practice to the Lake

What’s SUP Yoga? 

SUP Yoga or Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, originating in Hawaii, is the combined practices of yoga and stand up paddle boarding. In Lawrence, KS we enjoy SUP yoga by paddling to a quiet spot on the lake, anchoring boards, and practice yoga with a variety of poses – ending with our hands dangling in the water for savasana (resting pose).

Yoga on the Lake in Lawrence, KS?

Doing yoga on the water brings a unsteady surface to an otherwise earth-bound practice. Flowing through asana (movement) on a SUP yoga board, ignites core muscles, strengthens & stabilizes all muscle groups, achieving better balance. 

What if I fall in the water? 

In my opinion, it is a bonus if you lose balance and fall overboard. SUP Yoga has been my favorite way of finding humility within yoga, adding laughter without hesitation in my practice- such as life! Falling is part of the experience and there is a freedom in fully embracing this, letting go of expectations, judgement & letting it be, as is! I find it a great metaphor for life too. We all experience a fall, physically, mentally or emotionally; we get back up, adapt, smile, & try again! 

What to Expect in Free State of Mind SUP Yoga Classes

Students will enjoy paddling to a quiet spot on the lake, anchoring their board and beginning their floating yoga session with Pranayama (breath). Every class is uniquely different with stretch, spinal balance, and a variety of yoga poses ending with your hands dangling in the water in Savasana (resting pose). We offer Sunrise, Sun, & Moonrise SUP Yoga classes, Family SUP, Private, Group, Scouts, Camps, & Corporate events. Our Sunrise and Moonrise classes are practiced over illuminated boards, your choice of color from the chakra system (ROYGBIV). Our 2-hour New Moon and Full Moon yoga events are to give reverence to all that brings ambiences to our SUP Yoga Studio. 

Our mission is to guide those who want to take their yoga & meditation practice to the water, connect with nature, and ultimately attain a “Free State of Mind.” 


Book SUP Yoga Sessions Here: https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/FSOA77

See you on the water!


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